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I’ve heard a lot of people saying they feel scared or disheartened because 40–45% of the country seems to favor 45. One of the aspects of the dialogue that absolutely makes me itch (that means it plucks my nerves), are the reports talking about “Latino voters” in Florida voting for 45. You ever wonder why pundits often talk about “Non-Hispanic White Voters” and you almost never hear anyone say “White Hispanic” or “White Latino” voters? TV pundits will also rarely say “Black Latinos” or “Non-Hispanic Black Voters.” …

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He oído a mucha gente decir que se sienten asustadxs o desanimadxs porque entre el 40 y 45 % del país parece estar a favor del 45. Uno de los aspectos del diálogo que me pica (quiere decir que me fastidia), son los informes que hablan de «votantes latinxs» en Florida votando por el 45. ¿Alguna vez te has preguntado por qué lxs analistas hablan a menudo de «votantes blancxs no hispanxs» y casi nunca escuchas a nadie decir «blancxs hispanxs» o «blancxs latinxs»? Lxs analistas también raramente dicen «afrolatinxs» o «votantes negrxs no hispanxs». …

#Stayathome #Quedateencasa #Restezchezvous

Mobilizing people to take collective action is rarely easy, but what happens when you’re home alone, you speak one language, and the community you serve speaks 350?

(That’s a real number — it was not chosen randomly. At least 350 languages are spoken in US households.)

We know that what happens in underserved communities often has a ripple effect, and now we’re all going to feel the waves much faster. Yes, it’s true that we can probably get through this pandemic without communicating in 350 languages. …

Jamila Ball, Esq.

#MultilingualFreedomFighter | Founder of Jamii Linguists (

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